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System Capabilities

The equipment listed here has satisfied the requirements of local, regional, and national touring talent. As the name says, we implement point source main speaker arrays. No overhead rigging of heavy line array systems.

Our systems are capable of intimate, low level background ambience with highly intelligible speech reproduction for small or large meetings as well as high pressure concert level sound for large outdoor events (up to 3,000 approx.). The fidelity of the audio from our main system elicits constant compliments.


Live Event Audio System Capabilities

Available mixing consoles:

  • Digital: 32 input / 12 aux sends. Tablet mixing capability (Behringer X-32)
  • Analog: 32 input /10 aux (Crest HP8 Series);
  •               24 input / 6 aux (Allen & Heath GL-2200)
  • Up to 48 channels from the stage to Front of House (2 consoles for festival patching)
  • Up to 24 inputs split to Monitor console;
  • Up to 12 monitor mixes to wedges; or, up to 10 stereo In Ear Monitor mixes. 31-band graphic EQ on each send
  • Built-in (digital) or outboard (analog) effects, EQ, and dynamics processing, including Joe Meek OneQ precision mic preamp (for the “Money Channel”)

Speaker systems and amplification:

        Large venue / Main Stage:

  • 3-way EAW: Fr250z subwoofers / QSC HPR mains; QSC HPR sidefills 
  • EV and QSC 2-way 12" monitors
  • Crest power amplification

        Medium venue / 2nd Stage:

  • EAW Fr250 subwoofers / QSC HPR122i Mains (up to 6)
  • QSC K-12 and EV Sx300 monitors
  • Crest power amps.

        All Systems:

  • Broad microphone selection featuring Audix, Shure, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, Earthworks.
  • Up to 7 wireless channels (handheld and headworn mics available): Audio-Technica & Line6
  • Outboard (EQ, dynamics, effects) by Drawmer, Presonus, Sabine, Lexicon, TC Electronic, Yamaha

 Location and Studio Recording:

  • Up to 32 tracks of uncompressed audio to DAW, with 24 channel input split
  • In Studio: ProTools LE 8 with iZotope Nectar2, Sony Mastering Suite plugins Har-Bal 3.0 Harmonic Analysis / Mastering software

Programmable LED Lighting: Suitable for a small or medium stage

  • DMX Programmer with wireless Tx/Rx,
  • 12 Pars, 2 ea 18” Colorbars, 2 Moving Head wash lights, FollowSpot

       Special requirements can usually be met but may at add cost. Call to discuss your requirements.

Other Studio Services:

    Media transfers: 

        Make custom CDs or computer file playlists from your old, treasured vinyl or cassette collections.

        From: Vinyl, 1/4" reel-to-reel tape, 8-track cartridge, audio cassette (Phillips style), DAT, CD, DVD, USB drive, various digital audio formats

            To: 1/4" reel-to-reel tape, audio cassette, DAT, CD, DVD, USB drive, various digital audio formats

 Low Hourly Rates